New Acrylic Paint Pouring Class added

* Paint Pouring Class by Joanne w/Neece's Pieces & Corner Arts Gallery and Studio

* $20 per person (includes all materials)

* Have you seen the beautiful Poured Paintings?! It’s a newer craze in the art world. No painting experience required. Although, it’s been around for years, the Paint Pouring Concept has really caught on recently.

* I’ll be holding classes each month using different techniques in each class. You’ll learn a bit of chemistry as the different paints and mediums work together. Your painting will be a Unique, One of A Kind creation! No brushes used!

* I will provide everything needed. Please join me for our first Paint Pour Class on Tuesday, May 18th from 4-6 pm or Thursday May 27th 4-6 pm. Aprons and gloves provided.

* You MUST register at Corner Arts Gallery and Studio, downtown Newnan.

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